1 planning

Two books that reflect different styles of storywork. Raven Brings the Light, RHV, and Sometimes I feel like a Fox,DD.

The RHV video: The Elders are Watching

Who might be interested? Learning more about IND CULT. Learn about and use IND Story methods. Use Indig methods to teach about Ind Cult (and other topics)

Learn about Indig Cult by focusing on Indig ways of teaching.

  1. Purpose… Education (about culture & about thinking ((confidence, communications, creativity, & values))
  2. SW & Culture… SW part of culture
  3. IND CULT…

Describing Indig SW… some legends (Raven& Sun), some life lessons (Little Bears)

Maybe think about routine updates that offer suggestions by category area

INDStory philosophy:

  1. learn how to vs what to
  2. learn life lessons & about Indigenous cultures

Grandparents (and elementary level teachers)

Little Bear Story – Synopsis.

Preparation – purpose & plan – about culture

Coyote Legend on YouTube


Overview: what is story work in brief & who is Jo-ann

Lady Louse example:

Why Indigenous SW rather than just SW
(Storywork & Culture & Indigenous People of Canada)

Overview Grandparents
Intro to SW & ISW

Overview K to 12
Overview Post Second

Important Indigenous Stories