[1] It might be useful to think of some basic facts about Indigenous peoples in Canada to answer an educator’s question, “What facts would it be good to know as background for using Indigenous Storywork?”

[2] In might be useful to have a discussion that links Culture…Indigenous CultureS…Education…Storywork.

[3] It might be useful to have a set of core indigenous stories such as Raven & the sun, etc.

[4] I was thinking about grandparents. It is easy to talk about the whys and hows of story telling, but then there is a need to move on to INDIGENOUS story telling? This is not as easy. I suppose it implies reading Indigenous storybooks like Alfred’s. Then you almost need a teachers/grandparents guide for the storybook?  I find myself thinking about our story telling with the kids. The content is mostly just story telling and the style could be characterized as “Indigenous”.


[1] “Meet Lady Louse” – Introduction including Lady Louse

[2] “Cultural Context” – Some Indigenous facts using BC as an example? Discussion of Culture, Language and Storywork?

[3] “Storywork Settings” –   home/school/post Sec

[4] “Resources” –  discussion of people involved? – resources organized by setting

[5] “Indigenous Stories”


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