Indigenous Storywork as discussed here stems from the work of Q’um Q’um Xiiem, Dr. Jo-ann Archibald, Professor Emeritus, UBC Faculty of Education.


The purpose of the website is to help educators, parents and grandparents think creatively about ways of introducing their students and family members to Indigenous culture through stories. The website focuses on Indigenous Storywork for all levels of education by addressing questions such as: What is Indigenous Storywork? How can it be used in education at school and at home? What resources are available?

Among Coast Salish peoples the term work is used to indicate that an activity is culturally important. For example, at the start of a ceremonial gathering the speaker might begin by saying, “Dear friends, we have important work to do today.” When the guests hear those words, they give their full attention to the words and actions that are subsequently shared.

By implication, the term StoryWORK implies that Indigenous stories are to be taken seriously and that they are an important part of the culture.

This website is best considered a work in progress. The initial pages include (1) an overview of Indigenous Storywork, (2) recognition of the guidance of a dear Indigenous elder, (3) an example of an Indigenous story, (4) a preliminary list of Storywork resources, (5) contact information, (6) a page for news and updates, and (7) a page for your comments. (See links at the top of the page)

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